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MFP Diamond is a 12 week money fitness program preferable by very busy professionals with high income and high expenses to lose but require minimum supervision. Topics to be covered include but not limited to: • Behavioral Finance, • Money Paradigm, • Investment Opportunities, • Money Fitness Exercises, • Sustainable Habits etc. To Join MFP Diamond you need to submit an application by filling the form below. When your form is received, we will review and send you the following: 1. Money Fitness audit form 2. Assessment form The submission of these 2 forms will help us determine: 1. If MFP Diamond is the right fit for you 2. Help you discover your limiting believe system and your financial viruses. 3. Schedule your coaching Session 4. If the Money fitness Program is the right fit for you 5. If you are the right fit for us A brief look at the TMP Diamond Frame work • Week 1 – Evaluation Evaluation of your current Money Fitness status. • Week 2 – 4 We will take you through MFP Comprehensive. At the end of each week we will schedule, a day 5 hours intensive coaching session. • Week 5 – 12 We schedule a day’s intensive coaching and follow up with one phone call every week for a maximum of one hour per call only. Total call time is 12 hours (1 hour weekly). You will receive a savings and expenses weekly and monthly tracker. The expenses and investment plan will be designed using your current income. The following will also be offered: • 1 hour skype call every 2 weeks • Additional 2 weeks to set up side business at the end of 12 weeks. • Lifetime members of our private Facebook group which is a community of old and current members that serves as a support system • A total of 8 skpye calls during the duration of the programme • 40% VIP access discount to the Coach’s annual MONEY FITNESS Boot camp, • An E-copy of his book, • a Goal dashboard, • Audio and Video messages Investment: N150,000

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