Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Cornel AGWU and I’ll be your Life and Financial Coach on this journey…

My aim is to give you the INSPIRATION and GUIDE required in achieving FINANCIAL FITNESS and YOUR GOALS in 3 months or less

I’ll help you achieve SIGNIFICANT & SPECIFIC SUCCESS along any of the 6-dimensions of your life which give you some of  life balance and absolute FULFILLMENT.

Coaching Dimensions

These dimensions include:

  • Financial - your relationship with your money. I will be coaching you to have better values and habits with your money and how you become financially fit and break free from debt.
  • Personal Growth - your relationship with yourself. I will help to develop strategies to develop yourself  and adequately create time for yourself)
  • Business and Career - your relationship with your business & career. I will coach you to get to the top of your business niche and career, helping you fulfill your ambition and effectively do what you love.
  • Relational - your relationship with others. Here we will deal with improving your relationships, family, love, sex etc.
  • Societal - your relationship with your society; i.e. giving back
  • Spiritual - your relationship with your Creator

I will coach and guide you through ONE of these dimensions (IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DECIDE WHICH ONE) for a period of 1- 3 MONTHS

Together, we will develop STRATEGY for achieving your goals, then break your goals into MILESTONES, we will agree on specific ACTIONS you must take, determine the RESOURCES necessary for your goals to be accomplished and create an accountability TEAM to accomplish your goals within our 3 months period


Allow me to share a few of them;

As a Life Coach , I provide life / business advice, insight and vision clarification to organisations, individual and groups who leverage my vast expertise and experience in consulting to execute their goals. I do so under a Life Coaching programme focused on success / fulfillment, execution, business, strategy, Emotional Mastery, Finishing School, and other areas of specialty.

You can book for individual or organizational Coaching calls; once booked modalities and fees will be sent to you.

Please note that Standard call duration is 1 hour 15 minutes(75 minutes) and it would cost you an investment of N20,000 (for individuals) and N 50,000( for Organistions)

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